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ACCApdHub.com is a vital part of your membership with ACCA or any professional accounting body. It's the learning and development that you’ll do throughout your membership, helping you to unlock the potential of your life-long career journey and shape the future of the profession. ACCApdHub.com will provide you with the skills that you need to perform your day-to-day job, as well as enhance your employability for the future. Being the world’s most forward-thinking accountancy body, ACCA’s global reach and relevance provides a unique opportunity to gather insights into our changing world. Because we think ahead, we’re able to create life-long learning tailored to the changing profession.

ACCApdHub.com is your one-stop Continuous Professional Development (CPD) portal that offers you one of the widest selection of workshops, seminars, conferences and events to meet your CPD needs. ACCApdHub.com helps you keep track of your CPD. Your CPD certificates*, bookings and attendance records of workshops or seminars can be accessed conveniently on your ACCApdHub.com account.

*Excludes certificates issued by selected ACCApdHub.com partners that may be sent directly to you

Competency Framework

The Competency framework sets out comprehensively how ACCA qualified students and members add sustained value to the organisations in which they operate, now and into the future. The framework describes the highest standards of professional competence.

Explore our professional competencies to learn how they are developed throughout each component of the ACCA Qualification, and discover why ACCA professionals are leading the way in the accountancy profession.

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Professional Quotients

The professional quotients (PQ) are the behaviours and qualities required for an ACCA qualified accountant to meet the future needs and demands of the profession. The quotients are softer, more professional skills gained not only through the ACCA Qualification, but enhanced as the individual progresses through their career.

All professional accountants will need to balance their professional quotients to fit their role and stage of career. Each accountant's PQ will reflect their competency and skill across seven constituent areas detailed below.

Explore the quotients to learn more about how they are developed through the ACCA Qualification.

Technical skills and ethics

The skills and abilities to perform activities consistently to a defined standard while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, independence and scepticism.

View the Technical skills and ethics quotient


The ability to use existing knowledge in a new situation, to make connections, explore potential outcomes and generate new ideas.


The awareness and application of existing and emerging digital technologies, capabilities, practices and strategies.

Emotional intelligence

The ability to identify your own emotions and those of others, harness and apply them to tasks, and regulate and manage them.


The ability and skills to understand customer expectations, meet desired outcomes and create value.


The ability to acquire and use knowledge: thinking, reasoning and solving problems.


The ability to anticipate future trends accurately by extrapolating existing trends and facts, and filling the gaps by thinking innovatively.